100 tons of gold for Poland: how the transport went!

The value logistics company G4S describes in detail on its website how 8,000 bars of Polish gold were transported from the Bank of England to Warsaw.


100 tons of gold

Last July, the Polish central bank announced the purchase of 100 tonnes of gold since the beginning of the year. At the same time, it was announced that large parts of Poland’s gold reserves were to be taken home from the Bank of England’s warehouse (secret action: Poland is taking 100 tonnes of gold from London). Now the value logistics specialist G4S reports on its website how the secret action went and even shows pictures of the transport. This is rather unusual, as security services usually keep a very low profile with information about specific projects.


Eight flights, 8,000 gold bars

A total of 8,000 gold bars, 100 tons of gold, had been flown from London to Poland by plane to two different airports and then transported to the Polish central bank in Warsaw accompanied by special forces of the Polish police. Each bar weighed 12.5 kilograms. Eight flights were necessary. That makes 12.5 tons per flight. A Boing 737 served as a cargo aircraft.


Night and fog action

First, the gold was transported “in the middle of the night” from the G4S storage facility in London to the airport in wooden crates with armoured high-tech trucks. The transport had been escorted by the police and a helicopter. The gold was transported in close coordination with the police, the Bank of England, Narodowy Bank Polski and G4Si and in careful planning. “Given the sensitivity of this operation, we had to be prepared for everything. Plans can change in the short term. A strong team, flexible and professional drivers and ensuring that everyone was regularly updated made the operation a complete success,” says G4S.