Bitcoin bull sees a Bitcoin (BTC) price up to $ 400,000 – why?

Well-known bitcoin bull and co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, believes that bitcoin is on the way to a $ 8 million market cap, which means the price will rise above $ 400,000.

Bitcoin price up to $ 400,000?
In a new interview with Peter McCormack’s well-known podcast “WhatBitcoinDid”, Morgan Creek Digital CEO Anthony Pompliano explains why he expects Bitcoin’s market cap to outshine that of Gold.
“Here’s what I keep telling people, call me a company that has been digitized and digitized and whose digital version is smaller than the analog version. That does not happen. This is because digitization brings all sorts of benefits. It is an expanding technology. There are people who would discuss how big the gold market is, but let’s just use simple numbers. Let’s say it’s $ 8 trillion. Bitcoin is now between $ 400,000 and $ 450,000, depending on how many are lost or stolen. Do you think Bitcoin will match the gold market? Not me. It is better. It will conquer more markets. ”

Similarities to Airbnb and Uber
To support his assumption, Pompliano says that Bitcoin can be seen similar to the technical development as with the Internet giants Airbnb and Uber.
“I think one day we’ll say,” Bitcoin is the world’s largest currency in terms of market capitalization, and no one will control it. “