Huawei and Beijing are working on a blockchain platform

Huawei Cloud is working with the Beijing city government to develop a blockchain-based platform for exchanging data in the city’s infrastructure.

Use cases of the blockchain platform
The data sharing platform promises to improve Beijing’s response to virus outbreaks. Citizens will also be able to use technology to appeal urban judgments and more effectively address issues in their daily lives.

Cooperation between Huawei and the government in Beijing
Huawei has partnered with the Beijing government to create a new blockchain-powered public directory, Jintai News reported. The Chinese tech giant has caused controversy in the West as it faced allegations that its products could facilitate Chinese espionage around the world. Cyber espionage and data protection led to a US ban on Huawei products in late 2018. However, that hasn’t stopped the tech company from pursuing new opportunities in China, including the first domestic attempt to apply blockchain to data management.

Increasing efficiency as a goal
According to the report, this blockchain solution is said to be people-friendly and beneficial for the city’s residents. In other words, the joint venture blockchain platform will target those areas of everyday urban practices that are not effective or transparent. Expected solutions will include improvements to the city’s health infrastructure exposed by the COVID-19 outbreak. The report suggested that the blockchain-based solution could predict trends in epidemics in advance by using data from every hospital in the city to coordinate medical interventions.