Old gold coins found in the value of a luxury villa

Recently, 425 old gold coins were found during excavations in Israel. What was the gold treasure worth 1,000 years ago and what do you get for it today and tomorrow?

1,000 year old gold coins

During excavations south of Tel Aviv in August, workers discovered a hiding place with a total of 425 gold coins made of pure gold. They are said to be more than 1,100 years old. On pictures you can see his collection of many thin gold plates (see video below). About the weight and the possible value of the gold coins can not be found in the reports.

The value of the gold

Among the thin gold plates is said to have been a fragment of a gold solidus from the reign of Theophilos of Byzantium (829 to 842 AD). Its weight is about 4 grams. At an auction last week, a well-preserved specimen weighing 3.72 grams was sold for 900 US dollars (converted 760 euros). The pure gold value of this coin (current rate: 62 USD per gram) is thus about 230 US dollars, converted 197 euros.